A certain someone asked me something like this before:

“All your templates didn’t have many options, why?”

And I answered:

“Give the user too much freedom and they’ll just mess things up eventually.”

Demon image annotation is a wonderful plugin that will allow users to add annotations into images in their WordPress blogs.

Until now, there are a lot of people still complaining that the plugin didn’t work at their site. Most of the problem seemed to come from the fact that those users didn’t know the right way to configure the plugin’s option settings.

Therefore I tried to make a custom-mod for this particular plugin, feel free to check it out if you’re interested.

Download Plugin

What is this?

Simply put, this is a Demon Image Annotation Plugin without all the overbearing options. I’ve trimmed most of the options that I believed to be the cause of many user’s confusion. Some may will think this modification rather restrictive since it doesn’t have as much options as the original, but I could say that that was the whole point of this mod.

Since less options meaning less chance of messing up, right?

Oh! There are also some last-minute modification to the annotation front-end design. Hope you like it :suong

How to use it?

  • Install Demon Image Annotation Sigma into your WordPress, if you don’t know how to do that… GIYF!!!
  • Activate the already installed plugin through Dashboard > Plugins.
  • At this point, the plugin has done all the necessary steps needed to start working. But you can still make some adjustments for the plugin through Dashboard > demon-image-Annotation.
    (For those who have experience in using the original plugin, you may will realize that there are less options here. Don’t worry, it’s not some error/bug… I intentionally made it that way.)
  • To use the annotation feature in your entries, we will use a custom shortcode here. Here’s an example:

    [deemon src="http://example.com/images/shimapan.jpg"]
    • For HTML-Editor users, there is a quicktag button to help you out. Click the button and enter the image’s URL in the dialogue box, then press OK.
    • For Visual-Editor users, no instant button for you because I hate Visual-Editor. Type the shortcode manually.

    WordPress Plugin: Demon Image Annotation Sigma

  • That’s it!! Simple is the best!!

If you want to make your image annotate-able only for administrators, just make a small change onto the shortcode:

[xdeemon src="http://example.com/images/shimapan.jpg"]

(In case you haven’t noticed, the shortcode for admin-only images are “xdeemon” instead of the usual “deemon“)


WordPress Plugin: Demon Image Annotation Sigma WordPress Plugin: Demon Image Annotation Sigma


MIMIC-Project did not, by any means, claiming as the owner/author of Demon Image Annotation Plugin. MIMIC-Project only made some slight modification to the original Demon Image Annotation to make it easier to use for some users.

MIMIC-Project will not be held responsible for any claim for damage/error that happened to the site that used this plugin. Please use it at your own risk.

Many thanks to DemonIsBlack for creating this wonderful plugin.

Hope you find this plugin useful. Until next time!!